Conditioning for Success is a personal training business based in West Sussex. 

We offer bespoke training, whatever your fitness and nutritional goals.


Mission statement:

Everybody looks to ‘condition’ their body in some way of other, whether it is to train for a particular sport/event, lose weight, become more toned, improve their core strength, increase muscle, etc, etc. The list goes on. What I can do is support you in reaching that goal, to provide you with that knowledge, motivation and confidence to help you to achieve that success.


  • In 2006 I graduated from University with a BA in physical education.
  • I went on to coach at my local rugby club where I had been playing for the past few years.
  • I have been training in a gym for myself for the past 8 years.
  • I mainly focus on strength and conditioning which is ideal for the sport I love.
  • In 2013 I qualified as a level 3 nutrition consultant.

Steve Enyon

Since then I have used this knowledge to not only improve my own nutritional intake but also that of many others.

The next step was to become a qualified personal trainer. I have always gained great self-satisfaction from my own workout programmes, which in time have developed and progressed hugely and this has been a great factor in providing not only training programmes to achieve set goals but also to provide variety and imagination to those who may not have always seen exercise as fun.

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